01/18/21 — BTC Rewards Distribution Report

Important: If you intend to claim BTC rewards from this distribution, do NOT un-stake until at least AFTER 8:00 pm Singapore time and AFTER rewards for today have arrived. Otherwise you will NOT be eligible for the BTC rewards summarized below.

Date: 01/18/21

Electricity Utility Cost per kwh: USD 0.058

Efficiency: 60.0 w/(TH/s)

Efficiency Loss: 3.0%

Electricity Utility Cost per TH/s in USD: USD 0.0860256

Bitcoin price (08:00 am (SGT), 01/17/21, Binance): USD 35,994.98

Electricity Utility Cost per TH/s in BTC: BTC 0.000002389

Net Profits per TH/s in BTC: BTC 0.000004030

Total Eligible Staked BTCSTs: 61,694.22

Hashrate Equivalent: 6169.422 TH/s

BSC Blockchain Transaction Fee: BTC 0.0000026

Final Profits Distribution: BTC 0.2418014

Effective Boost Factor: 9.72x



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