How to Guides: Bridging BTCST-BEP20 and BTCST-TRC20

4 min readMar 25, 2021


Hi BTCST Community,

We have noticed that many of you have questions regarding how to bridge BTCST BEP20 tokens to BTCST TRC20 tokens and back. We have written a how to guide below, so kindly take a look and let us know in our Telegram if you have further questions!


1. Connect with wallet on the BTCST dApp:, and register and install your wallet. When installed, the landing page will be shown as follows, with the top right showing your truncated wallet address with a green dot.

2. Confirm BTCST asset in wallet and select “Bridge” section on top.

3. Bridge is available on the BTCST dApp, and it works on both PC and mobile. The following tutorial will be focused on the desktop version.

4. Bridging from BSC to TRON: Choose Binance Smart Chain Wallet, and convert BTCST-BEP20 into BTCST-TRC20.


a. Bridge will use BNB as a network fee; therefore, BSC wallet should contain both BNB and BTCST.

b. During bridge, you need to enter the receiving address of BTCST on TRC20.

c. The network fee will be 0.0005 BTCST at minimum, therefore it’s suggested to have at least 0.01 BTCST and 0.005 BNB before bridging.

The status and conversion records can be checked on BTCST dApp.

5. Bridging from TRON to BSC: Choose Tronlink Wallet to convert BTCST on TRC20 to BEP20.

Similar to the process at BSC, one of the network fees to be considered here is the need for TRX in your Tronlink Wallet to bridge.


a. Bridge will use TRX as a network fee. Therefore, Tronlink Wallet should contain both TRX and BTCST.

b. Need to fill out BSC address to receive BTCST.

The estimated network fee will be 0.0005 BTCST at minimum, therefore it’s suggested to have at least 0.01 BTCST and 50 TRX before bridging.


BTCST is the blockchain industry’s first Bitcoin leveraged hashrate token and the first hashrate token to launch on Binance LaunchPool. BTCST creates an efficient market for Bitcoin mining power and is the benchmark protocol to bring hashrate assets to DeFi. BTCST is transparently governed has passed the scrutiny of CertiK and Armor Labs, two of the world’s leading blockchain security firms. Since BTCST launched, it has ranked first among Binance LaunchPool projects as measured by TVL.

BTCST is backed by BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining, Atlas Mining, and Hengjia Group, five leading institutional miners that collectively represent 12% of Bitcoin’s global hashrate. BTCST is available on Trust Wallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, SafePal, and other wallets. At present, BTCST is listed on Binance and PancakeSwap.




Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) brings exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining. Each BTCST is collateralized by real Bitcoin mining power.