Our Current and Future Tokenization Partners

We thank the community for its energetic enthusiasm since BTCST’s Launchpool announcement. As we receive a flood of inquiries regarding the mining side of our operations, the project team would like to take this opportunity to introduce our tokenization partners to keep our community informed of the current status and give a preview of future events to come.

Based in Hong Kong, Standard Hashrate Group is a joint venture between Mishuibeian Agricultural Tech. Co., Ltd. (d/b/a Ke Wo Ying Mining) and Power360, a leading single-entity miner.

Ke Wo Ying Mining is founded by Yu “Alex” Zhao. Alex has been an early investor in Bitcoin and started industrial scale Bitcoin mining in 2017, first in his Mishuibeian organic farm in Beijing, then throughout China. Ke Wo Ying Mining is the go-to China regional mining manager for some of the largest international mining operations.

Power360 is the world’s first cloud mining exchange platform that features mining contracts pegged to physical miners and allows for the physical delivery of underlying assets. Founded in 2019, Power360 provides Bitcoin mining services to more than 60,000 retail customers.

The vision of Standard Hashrate Group is to bring exchange-grade liquidity to all eligible miners. We currently have three candidates in the pipeline to join the group as tokenization miners:

  • One of the three largest Bitcoin ASIC mining equipment manufacturers, committing 5 PH/s for trial tokenization;
  • An Europe-based miner with more than 10,000 PH/s Bitcoin mining power, committing 5 PH/s for trial tokenization; and
  • A North America based miner with more than 2,000 PH/s Bitcoin mining power, committing 5 PH/s for trial tokenization.

More details will be disclosed here as the tokenization review and approval process concludes.

BTCST tokenization is freely participable. If you are a miner intending to apply for tokenization of Bitcoin mining power, please email tokenization@1-b.tc to schedule an initial screening call.


BTCST is a token collateralized by real Bitcoin mining power. By staking BTCSTs, holders of the tokens will receive daily Bitcoin distributions that correspond to the mining power staked. With BTCST, you mine Bitcoin the DeFi way.

Email us for general inquiries: satoshi@1-b.tc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCST2020

Telegram: https://t.me/BTCST_Community_EN

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BTCStandardHashrate

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST) brings exchange-grade liquidity to Bitcoin mining. Each BTCST is collateralized by real Bitcoin mining power.

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