STP 13 (Proposal Blue Sky): An Evolution of Bitcoin with Far Less Carbon Emission

  • Targeted Launch Block: Bitcoin Block 692692 (about 30 days from the date of this proposal)
  • Format: Binance Smart Chain BEP20
  • Total Circulation: 21,000,000 (identical to Bitcoin)
  • Initial Circulation: 18,766,825 (identical to Bitcoin circulation at block 692692)
  • Initial Circulation Airdrops: The initial circulation of B20 will be 1:1 airdropped to Bitcoin holders based on the Bitcoin blockchain snapshot at block 692692 as if it were a straightforward Bitcoin fork. There will be no pre-mining, new issuance, or ownership misappropriation. For example, if a Bitcoin holder holds one Bitcoin at block 692692, the holder will be entitled to claim one B20 from a dedicated dApp. The holder would need to prove the ownership of his native Bitcoin to the dApp and supply a destination BSC address to receive the airdropped B20, both done through a signed message.
  • Important Note on Claiming Airdrops: If your Bitcoin is hosted at a place (e.g., an exchange account or a wallet) that makes it difficult or impossible to claim B20, make sure to withdraw your Bitcoin to your own wallet that supports cryptographically signing messages or to your Binance account at Bitcoin block 692692. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will receive the B20 airdrop.
  • Mining — B20 PoS Mining: Future B20 will be mined following the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. Similar to Ethereum’s 2.0 upgrade, B20 aims to cut Bitcoin’s energy expenditure by more than 99% by switching to Proof of Stake. Based on community feedback, future PoS mining could occur on B20 nodes operating as a second layer to BSC.
  • Mining — BTCST PoS Mining of B20: The initial circulation airdrop of B20 does not expire. Those with Bitcoin balances at block 692692 may claim their B20 anytime. Nonetheless, the PoS mining rights of all unclaimed B20 at any point in time will be proportionately assigned to BTCST holders, who can participate in B20 PoS mining as if their BTCST were B20. For example, if only 25% of initial circulation of B20 are claimed on Day 1, the PoS mining rights of the 75% unclaimed B20 will be mapped to BTCST. In that case, each BTCST will be assigned the PoS mining power of about one B20. BTCST holders may then stake BTCST to receive B20 rewards.
  • Halving: B20 mining will follow a time-based halving schedule identical to Bitcoin’s remaining halving schedule.
  • Pass
  • Deny



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